What is the difference between a Matchmaker and a dating service?

The primary difference between a Matchmaker and a dating service is the relationship between the Client and the service.

At Venus and Mars Matchmaking we meet with each and every Client that we choose to accept into our service. We get to know our Client on a personal level, finding out exactly what they want and need in a potential partner. We are selective in our choices and we work closely every step of the way. We will find your perfect match, even if they are not presently represented by our company.

Why do I need a Matchmaker?

The majority of our Clients are too busy to invest the significant amount of time it often takes to meet someone special. Many of our clients are too prominent and professionally well known to publicly post personal information about themselves on the Internet, nor are they interested in taking the risks involved in that process.

Our Clients are not interested in being set up by friends and going out on blind dates, which often lead to potentially awkward situations. Our Clients have no problem meeting others; however, they often have difficulty meeting the right person who presents the potential for a long-term relationship. Dating colleagues, clients and co-workers is usually not an option and our Clients realize that the type of relationship they want can’t be found at the gym, bar or supermarket.

Venus and Mars Matchmakers guides you every step of the way. We work with you to ensure you’re happy and satisfied ... we want you to find your perfect mate.

How does the service work?

The Matchmaker and Client will determine the number of matches Venus and Mars Matchmaking will provide for the Client. When the Matchmaker finds someone that meets the criteria established by the Client at the initial meeting, Venus and Mars Matchmaking will initiate contact with each of them and begin marketing one to the other.

Once there is a mutual agreement to meet, Venus and Mars Matchmaking will exchange phone numbers between the two. They will contact each other, and after casual introductions on the phone, they will plan to meet.

How do we find the right person for you?

The time we spend together in our initial meeting is fairly intense. We get to know your likes, dislikes, successes, heartbreaks, what you want in a romantic relationship and what you don’t want. Successful relationships are based on a foundation of morals, values, common interests, chemistry, and we will look at each Client in-depth to determine what works best for you.

How do I sign up?

After the initial telephone consultation, if we decide we’re mutually interested in meeting each other, we’ll set a date and time to meet in our offices. At that time, an in-depth consultation will take place.

It is critical that the prospective Client is prepared to be open, honest and forthright with the Matchmaker. If the Client prefers to meet in their home or at a restaurant, this can certainly be arranged. A contract will be provided to the Client at that time. The initial phone consultation, and subsequent in-person meeting, is complimentary.