Our process is key to our success

1. Pre-Qualifying

Many of our Clients are referred to us by existing Clients. When Venus and Mars Matchmaking receives a referral, we place an introductory call to discuss our services and determine what the individual is seeking. This allows us to get a personal feel for the individual’s personality and preferences and determine if the person is a good match for the service. Venus and Mars Matchmaking does not accept potential Clients when it believes there is not an appropriate fit for both parties.

Once it is confirmed that both parties would like to proceed, a face-to-face meeting is scheduled to determine the potential client’s criteria for a romantic partner. The initial consultation, lasting about an hour, is complimentary and allows Cheryl and the client the opportunity to get to know one another. An in-depth client profile will be completed at this time. Subsequently, the Client signs an agreement that includes a predetermined number of introductions.

2. Selective Introductions

The introduction process is tailored to accommodate the specific needs of each Client. With every introduction, the Client benefits from a comprehensive screening process and the expertise of Cheryl Bursey working on their behalf.

With a common goal in mind, Venus and Mars will provide you with introductions to people who we believe are right for you. Cheryl will discuss each potential match presented to you. She will take the time to discuss each introduction and explain why she feels it is a good match. In the end, the Client makes the final decision to proceed with the introduction or not.

3. Follow Up

Sharing feedback is another important way that Venus and Mars Matchmaking guides its’ Clients through a comfortable and successful process of selective introductions. This two-way communication supports our Clients each step of the way and enables us to refine the search process, if necessary.